Saturday, 26 November 2016

Catch up!

Hi Guys!

I have spent a lot of time in Costa over the last few months!

It's been months since I posted, we had a great summer doing loads of fun stuff and we've been really busy. I now live in a new house. It's much closer to school which is really good and it's raining lots now so I'm really happy we don't have so far to walk.

I share a room with Little A now and it's okay. He leaves his cars around but I leave stuff too so I guess it's fair. Grandma and Pop bought us a new bed! Mum said it's called a triple bunk bed because my bed is really big and Little A sleeps on top bunk. I love having a big bed, it's even bigger than Mum and Dads bed!!!

I've started gymnastics! I wanted to do it ages ago but I lived too far away, then a new place opened and I go with a friend. I find it hard sometimes but good fun too. Mum says if I stick to it I can have a sparkly leotard. I have a purple one at the moment which I like. I've been two times but I've been having rubbish earaches so I missed half my lesson on Monday.

Me in my new christmas jumper which was given to me

I'm really excited for Christmas. I've asked for an Amazon kindle fire so I can stop using the phones and A wants one too to watch his videos on. I want to read and play ROBLOX which is my favourite game. Sometimes I play Minecraft too which I'm quite good at.
This Saturday we are watching the lights switch on in the town where we live. I'll get some photos to share on my blog. I hope I see the tree and see Santa, I think he's coming to the town. I'll see lots of friends too I think.

Watch out for more posts soon!
Midge ⭐️

Saturday, 23 July 2016

My Summer Bucket List

Yesterday we broke up from school. I am ready for some fun plans this summer! Here is my summer bucket list! I'd love to know what you have planned?

  • Go to the cinema
  • Have a water fight
  • See my cousins
  • Go camping  
  • Have a party
  • Go to the Eden Project
  • Have a BBQ
  • Visit the beach
  • Stay at Grandma and Pop's house for the night
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Go shopping to Plymouth
  • Go Bananas! They have lots of bouncy castles at Go Bananas!
  • Go to some friends houses

Friday, 22 July 2016

Last Day of School

Today I had my last day at school. It's a big mix of feelings because I'm really excited, we have done lots of fun things this week to make leaving year 3 fun and not too sad. Yesterday we saw The Secret Life of Pets at the cinema and that was really good! We had a water fight too! 

Today Mummy took photos of my brother and I before we left for our last school run of the term! She said we looked really grown up. A was wearing his football kit which he's never worn before, he looked really cool. I got to wear a really nice dress my cousin gave me ages ago, I'm finally tall enough to fit into it, Mummy isn't too happy about that because she's small hehe!

Today we took in our teacher gifts. Mummy made cards for all my teachers, I wrote nice things in them about having a lovely holiday. I gave 2 of my teachers chocolates because it's their favourite food and I gave my other 2 a pot of flowers because they last longer than a bunch from the shop which means they'll remember who they're from for longer! I got all my books back yesterday, Mumma had to look through them all because I've done so much good work, in year 4 it will be harder but I will still try hard and work really well like I did in Trolls (that's year 3 in my school).

I'm sad to leave school today because I like it but I know I will see some friends over summer and Mummy says we have lots to do. I want to go swimming, write to my friends, play, go to the park, have a water fight, spend some time with Daddy, go to the cinema, see Pops and Grandma and see my lovely cousins!! I think that we are going to the Eden Project too because Pops gave Mummy some tickets which was kind and I'm really excited about going there. A will be too because they have dinosaurs there this summer! 

I hope everybody has a lovely summer holiday. I would like to know what plans you have, or what you're hoping your Mums and Dads will let you do (like camping in the garden and eating midnight snacks!)

Midge :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welcome to my Blog

Hi everybody! My name is Midge and I'm 7 years old! Welcome to my blog where I will share with you all my favourite toys, games, days out and family time!

10 Facts About Me:

1. My favourite colour is purple

2. My favourite doll is Elsa

3. My favourite movie is Inside Out.

4. I love to colour and play with my dolls and tablet.

5.  I love visiting the library.

6. My favourite Frozen character is Elsa.

7. I love Joy from Inside Out.

8. I love ALL animals!

9. My favourite food are apples.

10. My favourite TV  show is Sam and Cat.

I love making and baking!
I love Frozen too!
I love reading and I really like Taylor Swift

I can't wait to blog more about all sorts of things I get up to with my family including family days out, books I've enjoyed reading and so much more!

Midge x