Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welcome to my Blog

Hi everybody! My name is Midge and I'm 7 years old! Welcome to my blog where I will share with you all my favourite toys, games, days out and family time!

10 Facts About Me:

1. My favourite colour is purple

2. My favourite doll is Elsa

3. My favourite movie is Inside Out.

4. I love to colour and play with my dolls and tablet.

5.  I love visiting the library.

6. My favourite Frozen character is Elsa.

7. I love Joy from Inside Out.

8. I love ALL animals!

9. My favourite food are apples.

10. My favourite TV  show is Sam and Cat.

I love making and baking!
I love Frozen too!
I love reading and I really like Taylor Swift

I can't wait to blog more about all sorts of things I get up to with my family including family days out, books I've enjoyed reading and so much more!

Midge x

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