Saturday, 26 November 2016

Catch up!

Hi Guys!

I have spent a lot of time in Costa over the last few months!

It's been months since I posted, we had a great summer doing loads of fun stuff and we've been really busy. I now live in a new house. It's much closer to school which is really good and it's raining lots now so I'm really happy we don't have so far to walk.

I share a room with Little A now and it's okay. He leaves his cars around but I leave stuff too so I guess it's fair. Grandma and Pop bought us a new bed! Mum said it's called a triple bunk bed because my bed is really big and Little A sleeps on top bunk. I love having a big bed, it's even bigger than Mum and Dads bed!!!

I've started gymnastics! I wanted to do it ages ago but I lived too far away, then a new place opened and I go with a friend. I find it hard sometimes but good fun too. Mum says if I stick to it I can have a sparkly leotard. I have a purple one at the moment which I like. I've been two times but I've been having rubbish earaches so I missed half my lesson on Monday.

Me in my new christmas jumper which was given to me

I'm really excited for Christmas. I've asked for an Amazon kindle fire so I can stop using the phones and A wants one too to watch his videos on. I want to read and play ROBLOX which is my favourite game. Sometimes I play Minecraft too which I'm quite good at.
This Saturday we are watching the lights switch on in the town where we live. I'll get some photos to share on my blog. I hope I see the tree and see Santa, I think he's coming to the town. I'll see lots of friends too I think.

Watch out for more posts soon!
Midge ⭐️

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